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Our artisan glass staircases are designed to serve as the accent in your interior. Designed with endless imagination, commitment to excellence and creativity, they bridge the gap between aesthetics and functionality, turning your home into a work of art.


The play of light is the most elegant and effective way to elevate the design of your interior and create the illusion of enhanced space.
Designed to take advantage of the natural light entering your room, our glass staircases can be combined with our bespoke frameless glass balustrades and glass treads to fully maximize the perception of spaciousness inside your home.

Our glass staircases can be constructed entirely from glass or from a hybrid between glass and steel/timber. Their stunning minimalist design creates an illusion of levitation, turning mundane acts like ascending or descending the stairs into an adventure of the senses. Of course, we never make a compromise with the safety or performance of our glass structures. Choose between a range of options for the principal support of your staircase, all of which exceeding building regulations and blending seamlessly into the overall aesthetics:

  • Traditional parallel stringers with treads fixed between.
  • Central spine beam with treads that cantilever either side.
  • Floating treads that emerge from a wall without any visible support.
  • All-glass construction where treads are bolted between large panes of glass.

These are only some of the glass staircase styles available. At Artisan Glass Structures, we are committed to innovation so if you have a particular design in mind, we would be delighted to bring it to life. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs and vision and see how we can turn it into reality.

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