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We harness the liberating power of glass and bring light and space into your environment.
Exquisite Tailored Solutions
Residential Services
Whether it begins with a full design brief or the mere seed of an idea, only the best concepts survive the journey from fantasy to reality. At Artisan Glass we work with our clients to deliver entirely bespoke solutions that not only ensure our clients dream does truly become reality but also work harmoniously with the original property.
Premium Bespoke Developments
Commercial Services
Working with the some of the most iconic global brands has taught us that luxury retail is far more than the sale of expensive goods, the journey and the experience are every bit as important as the purchase. The retail space has to complement the brand and reinforce the perception of luxury and exclusivity and there is no better way of creating that space and atmosphere than with an all glass façade.
Developing client designs
Working with Architects
At Artisan we know the importance of creating the right picture for your client and importantly the right cost. We are happy to provide planning and tender design assistance with specific details in AutoCAD or 3D Sketchup format along with robust budgetary advice.
Limitless Possibilities
Glass Extensions
An Artisan Glass Structure provides limitless possibilities for the creation of an extra room or to free up unused space within your property.
The Ultimate Statement
Glass Staircases
As far as visual statements go there can be nothing more expressive than a signature glass staircase.
Contemporary designs without compromise
Glass Balustrades
Artisan Glass balustrades are manufactured with far more than safety in mind. They are expertly crafted to turn functional safety into notable design allowing light to flow freely and create the illusion of spaciousness that will truly transform any interior or exterior project.
Shaping modern architecture
Frameless Glass Facades
First introduced in the 1970′s by Pilkington Glass, frameless glass facades have shaped modern architecture for a generation and continue to influence many of the worlds leading designers.
Dramatic in appearance
Glass Doors
Thoughtfully designed and professionally installed glass doors can make a spectacular statement in almost any building.
Intricate detail
Support Structures
We have extensive knowledge and experience in the design and construction of complicated steel structures and we would be happy to supply design and construction advice for appropriate projects.
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Who We’ve Worked With