Glass Balustrades

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Artisan Glass balustrades are manufactured with more than mere safety in mind. Expertly crafted, they elevate functional safety into a staple of interior design, allowing the free flow of light to create the illusion of spaciousness.


Frameless glass balustrades provide a gorgeous, safe barrier to any balcony, terrace or staircase. At Artisan Glass, we’ve taken it a step beyond just safety: our tailor-made systems maximize your property’s potential, elevating your space and breathing a vibe of effortless luxury into its design.
We achieve this with the help of toughened laminates that ensure the functionality of our glass balustrades without the need for visible posts or supports. Of course, we also provide such, along with bespoke handrails in a number of finishes, expertly designed to complement the airy appearance of our glass balustrades.

As the balustrade carries a crucial function in your home, our technical team will take the time to walk you through the process and provide expert guidance and advice on choosing the right solution. To elevate the design even further, we recommend using low iron glass: its crystal clear appearance ensures unmatched optical performance at every viewing angle.

All of our designs comply with building regulations and all our glass is toughened to BS 6206 class A.

Glass Balustrades
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