Situated within the prestigious area of South Woking, Surrey, this impressive family dwelling was designed and constructed by local architect Giovanni DiPalma as his own family home.
It is always a real pleasure to work directly for an architect because they know the intricacies of construction better than most property owners
These projects tend to be of a quicker pace and the design is well refined before they seek specialist assistance. Giovanni knew exactly what he wanted but more importantly, exactly what could be achieved and we set to work delivering the glass space he desired. This one was slightly unusual insofar as there are no internal glass fins or rafters to support the glass so we had to design the structure in such a way that all the forces were transferred back to the main house.

This made installation rather more interesting as generally we reply upon the fins and rafters for stability during the construction phase, on this occasion however we had to construct a temporary timber frame which was left in place until all the glass was installed and the structural silicone bond had fully cured. Then came the slightly nerve wracking task of removing the temporary support and hoping the structure stayed put, thankfully it did though of course we knew it would….it still kept us awake the night before though.

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